My first submit on google adsense

Yesterday night, i’am trying to submit google adsense in  my new blog site edumediascience.  The first time i try to submit, it so difficult because so many of text that I should read (agreeement, etc). But like another lesson, the first is hard but the second time and next are so easy.
I use blogspot to make my first adsense, because blogspot owner is google. So it will be easy to rank in google search, and my google adsense can validate very soon on this blog. As i see in my new blog on that day, my google adsense come very quickly. This is the advantage of blogspot. If you use another blog such as wordpress, and so on, you must install plug in first before you can use adsense. With blogspot, you can make your web site for free and support by google.


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